Rev. Dr. Miguel A. De La Torre
Religion Professor - Author - Scholar Activist


Embracing Hopelessness 2017 

"Liberative ethics demands a crucifixion of hope. Miguel A. De La Torre's Embracing Hopelessness is a frontal assault on Jürgen Moltmann's Theology of Hope, unveiling the Eurocentric triumphalism at the heart of the eschatological ethics of Europe. By embracing hopelessness, followers of Jesus today renounce all illusions of political progress, while steadily seeking to embody a shalom justice that surpasses all understanding through revolutionary love. Writing each chapter in conversation with a theologian of another , ethnicity or religion, De La Torre hearkens a new form of social ethics for the 21st century - Ética de conjunto (ethics done jointly). The third volume of his trilogy is a fiery manifesto for justice, weaving together deep wisdom with humility and grace."
      - Rev. Dr. Peter Heltzel, New York Theological Seminary


Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump 2017
2017 Natilus Silver Winner

"May this book serve as a nurturing, connecting, and sustaining resource as we discuss the many ways faith, resistance, and healing must take shape in the Trump era . . .  We need to live and act in solidarity - together."
      - Jim Wallis, Editor of Sojourners Magazine


Liberating Sexuality: Justice Between the Sheets 2016

"This refreshing collection of essays will make readers stop and think about all the distortions of sexuality running through scripture and culture, including how sexist labeling of the Other as 'effeminate' functions as the primary dynamic behind other forms of oppression. While De La Torre doesn't assume readers will agree with everything he says, he hopes to provoke a serious consideration of destructive gender and racial injustices that prevent the flourishing of sexual desire with safe, mutual, and committed relationships.

     - Dr. Bonnie J. Miller-McLemore, Vanderbilt University Divinity School

The U.S. Immigration Crises: Toward an Ethics of Place 2016

"Miguel's introduction on an ethics of place will surely set academia's hair on fire. He then eloquently practices what he preaches by inviting the reader into all those places where migrants are suffering - and dying - and struggling for liberation. When anyone asks me about 'the problem of immigration' now, I will hand them this compelling book. Be Presente!"

     - Rev. John Fife, Cofounder of the Sanctuary Movement


Introducing Liberative Theologies 2015
"Invites the reader to address liberation from various forms of human suffering and oppression, offering timely insight into a wide range of liberative approaches related to cultural, racial, religious, socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, and physical disability. A must-read at a time that Pope Francis has characterized by the globalization of human indifference."
    Dr. Miguel H. Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (retired)

The Politics of Jesús: A Hispanic Political Theology 2015

"The thicker Jesús that Miguel A. De La Torre describes is a Jesús of liberation. This good news of Jesús presents lo cotidiano (in the everyday) lives of the marginalized and the oppressed, compels Christians to look at the manner in which we recognize God with us, working for liberation of the oppressed and the oppressor from injustice."
Dr. Reggie Williams, McCormick Theological Seminary


Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins, 2nd Edition 2014

"The early Miguel De La Torre, having left behind his first career as a Miami realtor and Republican activist, offered a powerful rendering of Christian ethics from a perspective of liberationist marginality. Ten years later, the second edition of Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins is updated to the present context and is more relevant, valuable, and prophetic than ever, confirming De La Torre's stature as a major liberationist ethicist."
         - Dr. Gary Dorrien, Union Theological Seminary



Liberation Theology for Armchair Theologians 2013

"Utilizing humor, De La Torre corrects much of the misinformation in the popular culture about the various movements collectively named liberation theologies, while also advocating for a theological method that respects context, is pastorally focused, and affirms the biblical theme of God siding with the poor and powerless."                                       - Dr. Ruben Rosario Rodriguez, Saint Louis University


Ethics: A Liberative Approach

"With this book, De La Torre gathers together for the first time an impressive and highly competent group of scholars, each representing a liberative ethic emerging primarily within the U.S. to challenge forces of oppression and exploitation as well as the inadequacy of dominant forms of ethics. Eminently readable for undergrads and graduate students, each chapter in Ethics: A Liberative Approach explains the realities birthing these challenges and describes their histories, methodologies, and major thinkers. Amplified with sidebars, pictures, case studies and discussion questions, Ethics: A Liberative Approach provides an introductory text whose breadth and depth is deeply satisfying. There are no more excuses for leaving liberative ethics out of our classrooms."
          - Dr. Gloria Albrecht, University of Detroit Mercy


Genesis, Belief: A Theological Commentary on the Bible

"De La Torre proposes to read Genesis as a liberation story for those on society's margins. He invites into his conversation theologians from Tertullian to Elsa Tamez and biblical scholars from Ben Sira to Walter Brueggemann, and he engages such timely topics as creationism, animal abuse, racism, sexism, immigration, and environmental justice" 
         - Dr. Patricia K. Tull, The Christian Century


Beyond the Pale: Reading Christian Ethics from the Margins  2011
                        - Edited with Stacey Floyd-Thomas

"A rare and important achievement. This work demonstrates both the hard work and hard play of philosophical argument. Not only will it invite a new generation of thinkers to discover the power of western philosophy but it could open new and liberating dialogues with and among communities that have been marginalized and oppressed."
             - Dr. Robert Michael Franklin, President of Morehouse College  


Beyond the Pale: Reading Christian Theology from the Margins  2011
                            - Edited with Stacey Floyd-Thomas

"Beyond the Pale gives us a new angle of vision on familiar texts in theology, philosophy, and social thought. Students and scholars alike will find these essays essential reading."
            - Dr. Robin W. Lovin, Southern Methodist University

A La Familia: A Conversation About Our Families, the Bible, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity   2011

"A La Familia is a bilingual project that promotes inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people with communidades Latinas. It was created por comunidades Latinas, para comunidades Latinas to: 1) transform conversations among familia about sexual orientation, gender identity and la Biblia; 2) strengthen coalitions within comunidades Latinas; 3) embolden a new generation of lìderes Latinas/os of faith." 

     - Human Rights Campaign. Download manuscript for free here.

The Quest for the Historical Satan  2011
                            - Authored with Albert Hernandez  

 "The Quest for the Historical Satan excavates cultural, historical, religious, and morally constructed productions of evil within Christianity, from myth and legend to the complex ways people conjure the embodiment of evil and harm. De La Torre and Hernandez are engaging sleuths as they carefully examine Satan's conception and his presence in modernity and through the ages. They wrestle with the spiritual forces of evil, embarking on a historical quest that examines and juxtaposes notions of Good and Evil and justice and injustice. This is a riveting, compelling, and accessible text and is a must read for anyone who has entertained questions about theodicy, the demonic, and the capacity of every human being to do evil."
        - Dr. Cheryl A. Kirk-Diggan, Shaw University Divinity School               

Latina/o Social Ethics: Moving Beyond Eurocentric Moral Thinking 2010

"Arguing persuasively that 'Christian ethics [in the USA] is the ethics of empire,' De La Torre calls for a new Latino/a 'ethics of disruption,' of 'social disorder' - 'a vulgar, earthy way of doing ethics.'  He prefaces this constructive task with a biting attack on the most prominent Protestant ethicists of the past century who,  even if they criticized power, remained beneficiaries of imperial rule, voices that muffled the needed critique of global capitalism.  De La Torre's voice is that of 'the trickster,' unveiling and subverting the panoply and play of power."
             - Dr. John Raines, Temple University   


Encyclopedia on Hispanic American Religious Culture, Volume 1 & 2 2009
Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award

"Thoughtfully prepared, carefully indexed, this reference will serve a wide audience of scholars, professionals, and students within the Hispanic American community and the broader community as well."
            - Reference & Research Book News

 Trails of Hope and Terror: Testimonies on Immigration 2009 

Trails of Hope and Terror frames the journey of men and women who [are] the new recipients of the dark side of the American experience, Hispanic immigrants. . . . After reading this book, the Christian that continues to stand idly by will have to one day give account to the God of Justice on why injustice prevailed over righteousness.” 
                - Rev. Samuel Rodriguez,
                            The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference


Out of the Shadows, Into the Light: Christianity and Homosexuality 2009

"This is an incredibly timely resource for seminary and church classrooms. It contains fresh arguments and keen insights about sexuality and the Bible, faith community life, and power dynamics in the broader society that are relevant to a range of communities. All of the authors are candid and refreshingly nuanced in their approaches. This collection is so valuable because its discussions go much deeper than polarizing us vs. them debates about homosexuality and caricatured presentations of both sides. Instead it offers concrete ideas for better pastoral and communal practices that are rooted in commonly held Christian ideals."
                 -Dr. Traci C. West, Drew University Theological

The Hope of Liberation within World Religions 2008

"The religions were originally sources of conflicts until the Holy Wars, but their natural vocation is to be primarily one of compassion, concord, and peace.  Today this dimension is important in order that the encounter of religions during the process of globalization keeps from rekindling old prejudices.  This volume shows that religions today can help re-educate humanity and be an irreplaceable service to worldwide peace."
                    -Dr. Leonardo Boff, State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Liberating Jonah: Toward a Biblical Ethics of Reconciliation 2007

"De La Torre reads the book of Jonah from the context of those displaced and dehumanized by empire.  He illuminates afresh the story of Jonah and the predicament of those cosseted and protected by empire.  The book is clear and passionate, perfect for the classroom and for anyone who cares about justice, peace, and true security."
                    -Dr. Kathleen M. O'Connor, Columbia Theological Seminary

A Lily Among the Thorns: Imagining a New Christian Sexuality 2007

"No clergyperson, seminarian, or layperson should ever again speak publicly about the Christian view of sex without first reading this book.  They will need to undergo such an exercise in order to cleanse themselves of the many presuppositions and prejudices about sex that pervade our religious and secular cultures.  This book is written for all liberal, conservative, evangelical, and neo-conservative Christians as a primer for adequate teaching on the subject of sex."  
                    -Dr. Peter J. Paris, Princeton Theological Seminary

AAR Career Guide for Racial and Ethnic Minorities in the Profession 2007

"The manual's usefulness is not limited to the task of obtaining a job, but covers the entire academic career, beginning with the consideration of graduate school, and onward to retiring from the profession. Written from the perspective of marginalized groups, the contributors explain situations normally faced by candidates of color that are due to institutionalized racism and ethnic discrimination."

     - American Academy of Religion  Download manuscript for free here.

Rethinking Latino/a Religion and Ethnicity 2006
                    - Edited with Gaston Espinosa

Handbook on Latino/a Theologies 2006
- Edited with Edwin David Aponte

"Handbook on Latino/aTheologies . . . offers an excellent overview of the latest theological thinking among a broad range of Latinas/os in the field and an important framework for understanding Latina/o realities and what we know as Latina/o theology.  The anthology covers basic systematic theological themes, as well as carefully selected contextual topics that contribute to the core notion that Latina/o theology is diverse, communal, and contextual.  Contributing writers reflect a rich diversity of Latinas/os representing the various and rich traditions within Hispanic Christianity.  We are indebted to Drs. Aponte and De La Torre for an excellent contribution to the theological discourse."
                    -Dr. David Maldonado, Jr., Iliff School of

Leer la Biblia desde los Marginados 2005 

Handbook on U.S. Theologies of Liberation 2004 

"A deep-seated prejudice pervasively consigns liberation theologies to the margins of both the globe and the academe - even more so in these times of thought-policing, confusingly identified as 'globalization.' De La Torre's handbook is a welcome antidote to that prejudice.  It highlights the lively and subversive presence of indigenous liberation theologies at the heart of empire. And it does so by giving voice to spokespersons from those very 'minorities' that, together, become now the U.S. majority faster and sooner than the thought-police would like. This handbook is a timely blessing for the poor and oppressed in this country."
                    -Dr. Otto Maduro, Drew University Theological School

Doing Christian Ethics from the Margins  2004

"This is a very interesting book, one that I recommend without hesitation to all those interested in current debate on Christian Ethics . . . De La Torre has managed to produced a very original, complex yet comprehensible, accessible and stimulating book . . . [I]t helps to understand how a superpower should be questioned through a Christian ethical perspective, while encouraging other readers, in an indirect way, to do theology and ethics by bringing together theological resources and their newspapers.  An intelligent and nuanced book: highly recommended." 
                    -Dr. Marcella M. Althaus-Reid, University of Edinburgh

Santería: The Beliefs and Rituals of a Growing Religion in America 2004
Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award
Honorable Mention in Educational Books by Catholic Press Association
"Miguel De La Torre has performed the almost magical academic feat of balancing the objectivity of a trained observer with the insights of an insider.  He leads his readers on a historical, theological, and cultural journey that goes to the heart of this rich religious tradition unfolding within a rapidly changing American society."
                    -Dr. Anthony M. Stevens-Arroyo, Brooklyn College, CUNY

La Lucha for Cuba: Religion and Politics on the Streets of Miami 2003

"A daring and careful expose of the political and religious right-wing discourse circulating among Cuban exiles.  In this extremely important, courageous, and long-overdue project about Cubanidad ("Cubanness"), De La Torre has created a historical marker in the effort to clear the way for a more democratic and spiritually compassionate world for Cuban Americans."
                    -Dr. Laura Perez, University of California, Berkeley

The Quest for the Cuban Christ: A Historical Search 2002

"A sweeping and stunning interpretation of Cuban religion and culture, from the religious fervor that surrounded the recent Elian Gonzalez saga in Miami, to a religious view from the underside of Cuban history."
                    -Dr. Luis Leon, Arizona State University

Reading the Bible from the Margins  2002
First Place in Educational Books by Catholic Press Association

"Global in outlook, this volume highlights perspectives on the Bible, from Korean Min Jung to Mujerista.  Its strength lies in providing elegant exegetical examples of how victims of discrimination have appropriated the Bible.  Timely and challenging, this volume raises pertinent questions for mainstream biblical scholarship."
  - Dr. R. S. Sugirtharajah, University of Birmingham, UK

Introducing Latino/a Theologies  2001
                    - Authored with Edwin David Aponte

"To this day, this is the most comprehensive review of the wide range of Latino/a theologies in the United States, the history, and their varying contexts and contributions."
                    -Dr. Justo L. Gonzalez



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